Lower Eastern Ohio Mekoce Shawnee of West Virginia

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Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the LEOMS of WV is to restore, maintain, uphold, and promote the spiritual, cultural, and traditional values of our heritage and to insure these for future generations.


The LEOMS of WV are a village of the LEOMS out of Ohio. We are one tribe but because of distance we are two seperate villages that while different, still form to make one complete whole. We are dedicated to educating people about the Shawnee in WV and protecting and promoting our great heritage.

  • Village  Chief- Konah M'kwa
  • Men's War Chief- Cedar Kerr
  • Historian- Mary Turtle Bear
  • Secretary/Treasurer- Jessica Blue Moon Woman



The people of the LEOMS of WV are dedicated to educating people about Native issues and interests and as such have made appearance at several local events including the WVU Peace Tree ceremony, The 2006 Boy Scout Conclave, lectures at the WVU auditoriums, The Bunners Ridge Pow-wow, and so on. In additon to public speaking we are also blessed to have a tribal drum, Struck-By-Lightning. Struck is a womens tribal drum kept and lead by Chief Konah M'kwa. She is not a competition drum, but she has been to many of the above mentioned places and always leaves people wanting more!

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